A Sweeping bow and generous courtsey greets you…..

The fresh page makes me giddy with anticipation and tremble in fear. First impressions were never my strong suit. But give me some time and I’m sure you’ll love me…or at least my content.

A 420 friendly distant relative of Ram Das and known consumer of two buck chuck, I once toured with Foghat where I learned to swing Nan Chucks and knit with pencils and twine. Both hobbies are still a big part of my life today,
My priority list includes the next great audio book, hoarding organic garden seeds while meticulously categorizing them into wooden cigar boxes, and new socks… I’m also very fond of dog parks, street fairs and farmer’s markets that sell honey, still dripping from the hive.

 A recovering Catholic, former hot air balloon pilot & 911 operator, wannabe chef and now entrepreneur because I am unemployed…I will do most any damn thing to make a living.

With a resume like that, what should I do next?

A food blog, of course……………


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