What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

It’s the last night in my house. It’s the last night period. The calamity has been packed in brown wrapping paper and put away.

I’m stretched pretty thin with the to do list being monumental and the forbidden being tempting.

How did I get into this mad situation?

Tonight’s chore, to drain the pool. 15,000 gallons of it down the drain. I can’t responsibly leave that body of water behind. So today I put up a final ad on Craig’s list.. foreclosure Sale…last day. Will barter for services. And Brian answered that ad tonight.

He arrived at sundown as promised. Emptying swimming pools is NOT an HOA approved activity. So it’s generally done in the dark. Brian arrived curbside in a red Toyota of sorts that has seen better years. He scrambled out in a bumbling way, shy. But there was no need for that. He was 6 ft 2 with dirty ponytail hair, a chiseled face and lean body. OK, at the very least, this was going to be entertaining.

We introduced ourselves mid stride in the driveway as Brian began to set up shop. I asked him if he’d like to see the goods he was getting in trade prior to starting work. He said “no, I’ll earn my keep and we’ll take it from there.”

Creepy already. Keep in mind this guy is going to sink a pump to the bottom of my pool and monitor it’s emptying all night. All night. At which point in the instructions of this process I asked him, “can I just dive in at 2 AM to move the pump myself. I’ll text ya in the morning when it’s done.” He agreed to that. But that’s not what happened……………

As he was bending over to give me a plumber’s crack view I saw in the waistband of Brian’s pants, a gun. All I could see was the butt, both of them, but I was suddenly nervous…. Scared as shit actually. It was as if he had intentionally displayed it to threaten me because when I was staring at his ass earlier, there was no evidence. I calmly walked into the house to find my cell phone readying 911 for the inevitable call, really fearing for my life for a few minutes, and then wondering how it would all go down.

After breathing deep cause I was already in it, no matter what is was, I said to him, ” I can’t help but notice your gun. So if your intention is rape murder or pillage of my homestead, let’s just put our cards on the table. Cause frankly dude, I am surprised by nothing. I can roll with this too.

Brian laughed and then choked it back when he saw I meant it. He apologized all over himself like a new puppy and put the thing in his truck, and my mind at ease. So here I am 10:55 PM and under the cloak of night, emptying my pool with Brian hovering close in case I need him.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out so I’ll cross my fingers while fingering my rosary. Blind faith has always lead to blinding rewards.

And I know my turn is soon.. no one could doubt it.


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